Testimonials from Mary Ellenís Clients and Students

"If you're looking for a no-nonsense guide to your spiritual psyche and the spiritual realm you won't be disappointed. She will lead you with a patient Irish wit and a kind sense of humor, nimbly dance you on your spiritual toes in and out of your personal spaces, and help you release old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. If you choose to take this journey with her, expect to be lead back home to the person you were always meant to be!" - LT, 2009

I mean each sentiment and The old saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is so true and if Mary Ellen somehow crosses your path, heed it. Your guides have big plans for you. I have had many teachers step onto my path of enlightenment just as another was finishing up, each one a bit more powerful and fascinating. Mary is definitely the bigger next step. As a Channel, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend, there is no one I'd trust more with the insights, celestial information and lessons shared. She will be honest with you no matter what if it is for your growth, but she always does it in a loving manner. You never feel beat up. Mary Ellen allows you to find your own way rather than give you the answers. She may point you in the right direction and she assists with the facilitation of your journey, but if you find she backs off, know that there is a reason. I think a lot of people don't understand that. Mary has her own 'stuff' that she is willing to share or expose to you. And sometimes I think she is so smart she is puts her 'stuff' out there just to allow you the space to make a discovery. There are no judgments with Mary. Just her commitment to do the work she has been commissioned to do - to be a light spreader and an awakener.  JS, 2009

Spiritual Mentorship:

"I am creating things in my life that are just amazing and my level of gratitude is beyond words. I'm catching on. And it is thanks to you and your guidance and patience." JS

"Working with Mary Ellen is like having my own hotline to reality check. It gives me confidence to know that whatever comes up Mary Ellen is available for support, to discuss and explore options on all levels, practical, mental, emotional. She works with great integrity, which in itself inspires me onwards on my journey. Thank you Mary Ellen. MD

"I am functioning 600% better!" KM

Light Body teachings:

"What a Master Teacher you are! Giving yourself and time and energy and patience to let us rediscover ourselves." NK

"I feel very fortunate to be associated with you and to receive your gift." BM

Soul Transition:

"Thank you so much for the awesome information on my dad." KB

"Thank you Mary Ellen! This was a phenomenal and insightfully informative response." DB


"Wow! I've never felt what I was was my 'soul' energy. I can't thank you enough for that beautiful moment. My soul thanks you!" KA

"I have gotten a lot from the class and have reached a better level of meditation and feeling calmer." DD

"I really enjoyed this class and was pleasantly surprised with my progress." JB

"Thank you for everything. The workshop was great. I specifically enjoyed the repetitive meditations because it helps with my mastery." TA

This workshop was perfect and I reached heights I've never reached..."JR


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