Intuitive Counseling

If you are experiencing unresolved issues in your life, Mary Ellenís intuitive skills can be very helpful. Mary Ellenís deep insight into the human psyche combined with her spirituality and her instinctive Knowing can guide you to acceptance and a place of peace.

The process of intuitive counseling is somewhat akin to a postage stamp wherein Mary Ellen sees miniature pictures in her mind. Mary Ellen conveys messages of insight, confidence, and encouragement.

For example, if you bring an unresolved situation to Mary Ellen she may guide you into your past to uncover when the situation first occurred. You may discover a lack of trust began with a simple gesture or dismissal by a mentor when you were a child. The client is assisted with going back in time to reclaim the child. A process of forgiveness and compassion follows which will help you release any and all pain relative to the situation. These consultations are done on the phone in the privacy of your home.

These counseling sessions take one hour. Follow up half hour or one hour sessions can be made if you would like further clarification in an area of your life.

Mary Ellen can be reached by email at or by phone at 856-854-0815 for more information.


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