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Who is Mary Ellen?

Mary Ellen is a guide and catalyst for spiritual awakening.  She is one of the ancient Speakers of Celtic Wisdom.   Mary Ellen is a Teacher, Healer, Soul Transition Facilitator, Channel for the Omega Consciousness, Spiritual Mentor and an Intuitive Counselor.

For thirty years, Mary Ellen has studied and practiced various forms of spirituality. She is a certified teacher of  Awakening Your Light Body, using sound and energy to accelerate spiritual growth. To read more about Mary Ellenís personal journey, click here.

Come explore with Mary Ellen
 your unique and joyful journey
to your Authentic Self.

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"If you're looking for a no-nonsense guide to your spiritual psyche and the spiritual realm you won't be disappointed. She will lead you with a patient Irish wit and a kind sense of humor, nimbly dance you on your spiritual toes in and out of your personal spaces, and help you release old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. If you choose to take this journey with her, expect to be led back home to the person you were always meant to be!" - LT, 2009


ď. . . If Mary Ellen somehow crosses your path, heed it.  Your guides have big plans for you. I have had many teachers step onto my path of enlightenment just as another was finishing up, each one a bit more powerful and fascinating.  Mary is definitely the bigger next step.  As a Channel, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend, there is no one I'd trust more . . .Ē  JS, 2009