Freedom to Be Who You Are:

The Power of Thought Workshop Series


This series of four all-day Workshops is designed for those of you already seeking the purpose of your life, and have begun your  soul’s search for meaning. You are ready to make a gigantic shift in your life and to live a life of authenticity, true serenity and joy.

The benefits and rewards are many. With the firm knowledge that YOU are in charge, you will learn to make decisions that bring fulfillment to your life. You will experience a sense of increasing self-worth, independence and confidence. You will learn to see life’s challenges as soul-inspired windows of opportunity and spiritual growth. As you are released from the fossilized chains of negative expectations and patterns, you will begin to experience the life you were always meant to have – flowing in effortless harmony with the Authentic You.

Each Workshop is a building block for the next, and should be taken in sequence. Click below for more information about each of these workshops. 

The Power of Thought

Harnessing Your Power


The Dance of Resilience

Please contact Mary Ellen if you have questions about the content or what you might expect from the series. Mary Ellen can be reached by email at or by phone at 856-854-0815.


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