The Power of Thought Workshop


In the first all-day workshop of this series, The Power of Thought, we will lay the foundation for the journey you have chosen to  travel to a greater understanding of your place and purpose in this world.  You will learn how you are actually the creator of everything you experience – through the amazing power that your thoughts exert in shaping your personal reality.  You will learn how negative and positive beliefs, deeply entrenched in your psyche, determine your perceptions and, as a result, your daily experience.  You will begin the practice of shedding the baggage of those beliefs that no longer serve you, and you will see how it is possible to use your thoughts to reshape your present and your future into a more powerful and positive experience.

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Mary Ellen can be reached by email at mary_ellen_in_nj@ or by phone at 856-854-0815 for more information.


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