Harnessing Your Power Workshop


In the second workshop of this series, Harnessing Your Power, we will practice in greater depth what we learned in our first workshop together and then we will proceed to learn how to “harness” our thoughts.  We have, through the course of our lives, been taught by our experiences to doubt and question ourselves at every turn.  We  habitually “talk” to ourselves in demeaning and self-negating ways (“I’m such a jerk”, “I’ll never understand math”, “I don’t deserve a good relationship”).  In this workshop, we will identify those words and phrases we unconsciously use which undermine our self-respect.  We will learn how to put those self-negating words and phrases on the shelf – put them there and KEEP them there - and replace them with words that support and affirm our true worth. Once we have learned to “harness” our thoughts in this way, we will be ready for our next big step on the way to living with growing confidence and harmony.

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Mary Ellen can be reached by email at lightseeder@netzero.net or by phone at 856-854-0815 for more information.


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