Effortlessness Workshop


In our third workshop, we will play with the idea that living with struggle isn’t necessary! After doing a “spring cleaning” of our old, self-negating thought patterns, we will explore living effortlessly. It may seem easy, but it takes real courage to let go of our habit of struggle. We’ll come to terms with our personality’s commitment to doing things the ways we always have, and our discomfort with change.  We will then discover new ways of achieving what we want, using our powerful imagination to organize our days so they flow with ease.  We will create a reservoir of imaginative solutions to call on whenever we choose, so we may conserve and replenish our energy at will.  The energy we reclaim will restore our gift of laughter.  Effortlessness allows you to accomplish tasks with ease. We will discover that we can experience our lives as creative, harmonious, and productive.

Click here for the date and location of Mary Ellen’s next presentation of her Effortlessness Workshop.

Mary Ellen can be reached by email at lightseeder@netzero.net or by phone at 856-854-0815 for more information.



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