Dance of Resilience Workshop


In the fourth workshop of this series, Dance of Resilience, we will come to terms with the duality of our existence on this earth  plane.  Even as we practice our affirmations and mediations every day, we may find that life has a way of intruding on our peace of mind.  In this workshop we will discover how to experience life’s small setbacks, minor irritations, and distressing situations with resilience. Resilience is the ticket to our freedom of choice. With resilience, we will find that we can hold our balance even when buffeted by the winds of fate, bending with the wind and riding out the storm.  Being flexible and resilient is not only an ever-changing “dance,” it is a skill which restores our power as compassionate, loving spiritual beings living a human life.

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Mary Ellen can be reached by email at or by phone at 856-854-0815 for more information.


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