Spiritual Mentorship


Spiritual Mentorship is a very special alliance between the mentor, Mary Ellen, and the client.  It is tailored to the  client's needs.  It is for those souls who seek to balance their everyday world with their spiritual life.

It is an opportunity to explore self-knowledge, self-worth and self-love.  Challenges, limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears are  brought to the surface.  Goals are discussed and goals accomplished are validated. Insights are acknowledged, and trust and confidence encouraged.

For Spiritual Mentorship to be effective, a three-month commitment to the process is required. Mentorship is done on the telephone once a month.  The client calls from the comfort of their home, and the sessions last one-hour. 

Having the services of a Spiritual Mentor enables the client to grow at a faster pace on their spiritual journey.  It is a trusted partnership in which the Spiritual Mentor holds the client to their agenda, asks appropriate questions, keeps the client's eyes on the goal and, with love, facilitates a change from the inside out.

A thirty-minute initial Spiritual Mentorship Consultation is available at no cost.  During this consultation the client and Mary Ellen work together to evaluate if Spiritual Mentorship is right for them.


 "I am creating things in my life that are just amazing and my level of gratitude is
  beyond words.”

 "Working with Mary Ellen is like having my own hotline to reality check... She
 works with great integrity, which in itself inspires me onwards on my journey.” MD