My Journey

I was born into a time and place of great challenges.  Ireland was a country struggling with poverty and the effects of war -- isolation, malnutrition, privation, callousness and anger. I lived in Dublin, the oldest daughter of 11 children.  From a very early age, I was responsible for the rearing of my younger siblings and I experienced the world around me in ways far beyond my years and abilities.

Sometimes I look in wonderment at my life today, beautiful and blessed. How did I find myself here, living surrounded by light after coming into this world under such traumatic circumstances? 

I tell you the story of my journey to encourage you that all things are possible, that you can live the beautiful life you were meant to live. The journey to Yourself begins today and with a single step.

In the summer of 1965, I was finally able to leave Ireland.  I came to the United States with a dream - a dream of freedom and a new life. With two companions, I settled in Philadelphia and began my great adventure. My companions and I toured the East Coast, then eventually moved to the South, getting to know the people, and visiting some of the great plantations.  We toured sections of the Midwest, the Northwest and eventually we reached San Francisco.  I sailed to Australia, touring some of Down Under's great cities and working in the Outback.

On my return to the States I had decided to go back to college. But that was put on hold when I met and married my husband, who is still the love of my life.  Eventually, I pursued a degree in Science and a bachelors degree in Social Work.  I then pursued a career in crisis counseling, activism and advocacy, specializing with the elderly population.

However, the greatest journey of my life began in the 1980's.  It was a time when my life was particularly chaotic. I was trying to juggle too many roles in my daily life. And I began to experience strange phenomena. Among other things, I could now see light and colors moving around the edges of people and animals. I flipped back into scenes of history, and I tapped into previous lifetimes. I was so disturbed by these experiences -- which I didnt yet understand -- that I thought I was losing it completely. Fortunately, there was a quiet and stable part of me that kept saying, No youre not. Youre perfectly sane.

In 1988 I had an epiphany. I became aware that the lights I had been seeing were actually beautiful soft energies around people, objects, plants and even communities. I sought the assistance of a spiritual mentor and began a pilgrimage of self exploration - "who am I, what am I doing here?" Through various courses of spirituality, silent retreats, and mentors who came and went in my life, I eventually became comfortable with a creative power within me, an inner wisdom.  I discovered I am, as are all of us, a beautiful being of light having a human experience in a physical form.

I gradually came to understand these powers. I also discovered another ability in myself -- the ability to channel the Omega Consciousness -- which gave me deep insights about life and its purpose.

I learned, from my own experiences, about the tangled webs of pain or joy we create.  And when I untangled those webs I felt awe at the power I gave them through my emotions. But I also found I had boxed myself in with the same restrictive programs being repeated over and over again. Freeing myself was a spiritual feat. Dropping self-judgment, and healing the "inner critic" opened up pockets of constricted energy that had created physical pain. Doubts and skepticism surfaced to throw me off balance. During this period, two wise Beings of Light came into my life.

Once again, I thought it was my imagination. I had begun to journal, writing down all my insights, joys, struggles, pain and skepticism. These Beings gently inserted their loving voices into my mind. They showed me the courage it takes to walk a journey into the unknown. And I was actually channeling messages from these two wise Beings. However, underlying all of this was skepticism. The logical part of me refused to believe this was for real! I questioned everything I was learning. But I soldiered on. I found myself enjoying the messages but, more importantly, it was the peace I felt when they were around me.

My guides, as I grew in trust and confidence, showered spiritual gifts on me.  Miniature pictures of past lives flowed before my eyes. They were very informative. I began to understand why I had unresolved issues in this life. They showed me how to create a successful future through lessons learned and insights gained. With each success I retrieved more and more of my mastery. The spiritual journey is an ongoing process, and with each cycle of learning, I become more and more aware of my own creative energy and become truer to my Authentic Self.

During this time, I was guided to learn about the Light Body and became an initiate and an advanced practitioner of this process.

Over these many years, it has been made clear to me that I have special intuitive abilities that can help others achieve peace, inner  wisdom and healing - as my teachers and guides have helped me. Sharing my journey with others through my workshops, classes, lectures, channeling, intuitive counseling and spiritual mentoring is my passion. You, my Dear Friend, are asked to take the first steps with me into your own journey of spiritual mastery as you become true to your own Authentic Self.


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