Mary Ellen's Offerings

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Freedom to Be Who You Are:
The Power of Thought Workshop Series

This series of four all-day Workshops is designed for those of you already seeking the purpose of your life, and have begun your  souls search for meaning.  If you are ready to make a gigantic shift in your life, if you are ready to live a life of authenticity and self-direction, if you are ready to replace anxiety with inner serenity and quiet joy then this Workshop Series is for you. Click here for more information.

Coffee Klatch Public Talks

Coffee Klatch talks are open to the public.  These are informal sessions where Mary Ellen discusses a subject of interest to  spiritual seekers, followed by discussion and questions from the participants. Many of the questions open up another subject for a later talk, or a channeling from Celeste of the Omega Consciousness.

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Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship is a very special one to one alliance with Mary Ellen in which you are assisted in fulfilling your innermost  desires. It is a cooperative relationship.  Strategies are developed that move you in the direction of a joyful life.  You learn to access the wellspring of your inner wisdom and merge it with appropriate action in your daily life. The effectiveness of regular scheduled uninterrupted time assists with achieving your desires on a consistent basis. Click here for more information.

Soul Transition:
When a Loved One Leaves Us

Mary Ellen assists souls and their loved ones with the souls departure from the earth plane.  This can be a beautiful passage for the soul and also for the friends and family.  Mary Ellen assist souls during this passage, assuring them love and light awaits them.

During the transition, families are counseled in helping their loved ones make this a journey of peace, love and acceptance.  When the soul has departed, Mary Ellen will visit the soul plane and check on their well being. Families are comforted in the knowledge knowing their loved ones have made this final journey home. Click here for more information about the Soul Transition process.

In addition to individual counseling, twice a year Mary Ellen gives a talk, "The Journey Home", on this momentous passage.

Intuitive Counseling

If you are experiencing unresolved issues in your life, Mary Ellens intuitive skills can be very helpful. Mary Ellens deep insight into the human psyche combined with her spirituality and her instinctive Knowing can guide you to acceptance and a place of peace. These consultations are done on the phone in the privacy of your home. Click here for more information about Intuitive Counseling with Mary Ellen.


Mary Ellen channels The Omega Consciousness and teaches channeling to advanced students. In her Learning to Channel one-day class Mary Ellen guides you to connect with your higher self or a high-level guide in your quest for answers to lifes perplexing questions. You achieve this through a deep breathing technique and trance state. A bridge is built on trust and love and you learn to hear messages of encouragement from your higher self or a high-level guide. With practice you become adept at channeling your inner wisdom.  Mary Ellen offers classes in channeling as well as individual sessions, by appointment. For more information about channeling, click here. For the class schedule, click here.

Awakening Your Light Body

The Awakening Your Light Body is a way of life.  It is an intensive course for those of you who are seeking a deeper meaning  to your lives, and who are ready to commit to your spiritual path in new, higher ways. Mary Ellen guides you through a doorway into the high realms of light using a very subtle sensory system. Once you learn to do this you can access those high realms of light and other dimensions through your light bodies, and you will live your life with greater conscious awareness.  Graduates will join a select group of worldwide light workers. This class is by invitation only.  Click here for more information.

The Seeder Newsletters

The Seeder Newsletter originated in January 2006.  As the name signifies, The Seeder scatters information out to the universe. It is picked up by souls searching for meaning to their lives. At this time, mankind is moving swiftly in its spiritual evolution, and keeping pace with the momentum requires seekers of truth to occasionally stop and take stock. The Seeder helps in this quest. The Seeder Newsletter keeps spiritual seekers up to date on Mary Ellens workshops, meetings, and talks.  In addition, The Seeder contains channeled messages from Celeste of the Omega Consciousness, high beings of light, or teachings from Mary Ellen. Click here for a sample issue.


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