Awakening the Light Body

Is there somewhere deep inside of you a feeling that there is something you need to do?    Are you committed to your spiritual path?    Are you ready to play a greater role in the world?   Are you ready to own your power, open to the new, and live in higher ways?   Are you ready to allow yourself to receive more light, to open to receive, to believe you deserve to have what you want without limitation?    Would you like to expand your consciousness, deepen your sense of your soul and to grow in your ability to receive and transmit light?


If you answered “yes” to the above questions,
you are ready to begin Awakening Your Light Body.

Awakening your Light Body is a way of life.

Mary Ellen Jackson is a certified, graduate teacher of the Awakening The Light Body course.  She was initiated  into the process by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman who were first awakened to this energy system by two powerful guides, DaBen and Orin. Mary Ellen has been a practitioner for fifteen years.

The Light Body consists of ten energy centers, existing at a higher level of vibration than the charkas.  When you awaken your light body you tap into a sensory system that allows you to access the higher realms and bring them into conscious awareness. This sensory system using sound and energy enables you to create states of inner knowing, harmony, joy and an open heart, through expanded states of consciousness. The Light Body teaches you how to be an effective creator choosing only those actions that express your higher self. This process is for those who are on path of spiritual evolution, who want to live with greater soul awareness, to be more aligned with Higher Will and Purpose and to use their connection to the higher realms to disseminate energies of light on the earth plane - hence the term "Light Workers".

The process consists of six Saturday classes over a period of six months, beginning at 9:30am and concluding at 4:30pm.  Beginning with the first three energy centers - the vibrational energy centers - the students build a power base from which they will activate their light body centers. The process uses sound and energy transmissions. Mary Ellen uses her light body skills to guide the students to access the energies being transmitted by Orin and DaBen. At the end of each weekend class the students are given an Orin and DaBen CD of the energy centers. There is an interval of two weeks between each class to enable the students to practice running the energies on their own.  Students are asked to give 20 minutes a day to listening to these journeys.  The course consists of twenty-four energy journeys, all of which the student will have mastered by the end of six months.

Students have reported changes in their lives as they learned to harmonize their energy centers.  They cited a sense of "self-identity", personal power, and staying centered around other people without taking on their energies.  They learned new tools to handle personal relationships that had been swept under the rug.  Many found "profound peace" and "true joy" in their lives. Some had the courage to move into more creative activities/endeavors that had been put aside.

This course is by invitation only.

Contact Mary Ellen at 856-854-0815 or email: for more information.


""What a Master Teacher you are! Giving yourself and time and
   energy and patience to let us rediscover ourselves." NK

  "I feel very fortunate to be associated with you and to receive
   your gift." BM


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